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Bansuri G Bass, Professional Quality, Artisan Made




Own this beautiful and professional quality G Bass Bansuri.


  • Handmade
  • G Bass Bansuri, 63 cm approximately
  • High Quality Assamese Bamboo
  • One-off Individual flute – you will receive the exact flute in the picture.

Other keys in the shop are also available.

I use these exact same flutes to perform – you can listen to one (in E) in this video: https://youtu.be/aUWzE21e9Jg

Flute Key Info:

This is a G BANSURI (low pitch) in the Indian system – meaning 3 holes covered will play note G .

In the Western system, this flute is classed as D – meaning all holes covered will play the note D. Therefore this can be used as a G flute or a D flute.

Bansuris can play ANY scale (scale is not ‘key’) with the use of half-covered holes to get minor notes.


Please be assured, that these Bansuris will be packaged and posted well protected. I have never had any report of a Bansuri being damaged in the post.

Additional information

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