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Bansuri A Bass, Professional Quality, Artisan Made, Maroon Yellow




Own this beautiful and professional quality A Bass Bansuri.


  • Handmade
  • A Bass Bansuri, 55 cm approximately
  • High Quality Assamese Bamboo
  • One-off Individual flute
  • The Bansuri will be very similar to the picture in colour but may vary slightly

Other keys in the shop are also available.

You can also see this YouTube video guide with information to beginners as well as sound/scale samples of G and A pitch flutes to help you choose: https://youtu.be/SNK754pwDDI

I use these exact same flutes to perform – you can listen to one ( in E ) in this video: https://youtu.be/aUWzE21e9Jg

Flute Key Info:

This is a A BANSURI (low pitch) in the Indian system – meaning 3 holes covered will play note A .

In the Western system, this flute is classed as E – meaning all holes covered will play the note E. Therefore this flute can be played in A or E.

Please message me if you don’t understand this point.

Bansuris can play ANY scale (scale is not ‘key’) with the use of half-covered holes to get minor notes.


Please be assured, that these Bansuris will be packaged and posted well protected. I have never had any report of a Bansuri being damaged in the post.

Additional information

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