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Bansuri Tuition by Jason Kalidas

First the blowing technique and finger positions are taught. Then moving through playing the basic scale (SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI SA) we move then onto Allankars which are patterned exercises to create enough dexterity on Bansuri to begin the actual music itself, which is India Raagas.

The journey of Indian Music is intriguing as it actually teaches how to improvise, which in a way is a paradoxical idea! Indian music in its advanced stages is mostly all about improvisation but to build up to that there is huge amount of musical knowledge available to help us.

Indian Raagas are a limitless journey in music and there is no end to their variety and complexities, even one Raaga can be practiced for years and still bring new delights. Once the taste for Raagas develops in can become an extremely rewarding experience to get to know them and play them.

Please feel free to call or SMS or WhatsApp for more information on lessons on +44 7927 948788.

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I highly recommend Jason as a teacher of the Bansuri. Lessons are relaxed and fun, and I have come a long way. We meet up on Skype and even though I was on a slow broadband connection I was still able to learn.

Pete Townsend


Jason is such an inspiring teacher that I can not explain in words. As a professional, in our busy schedules, we go through highs and lows of learning – but what inspires me most is Jason’s ever-positive persona, understanding of his student’s strengths and weaknesses – and ability to motivate them. I feel energetic, and uplifted after each lesson with Jason.

Sharad Agrawal


Jason is a natural teacher and his Skype lessons are packed with useful tips, structured exercises and some inspired playing. Being at a distance isn’t a problem at all and we have played duets and call/response very easily. My practice has come on a great deal and that wouldn’t have been possible without the lesson.

Stuart Thorn


Learning Bansuri with Jason has been the perfect balance of theory & practice. I’ve learnt so much from him & although my lessons are over Skype I haven’t ever felt at a disadvantage. He’s always committed to pushing me towards a more professional standard & encouraging me to stretch myself beyond what I can already do.
Avnish Pankhania