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Tanpura Female Hemraj, Plain and Smooth, Natural Wood




Own this beautiful and highest quality Female Hemraj Tanpura in Natural.


  • Handmade
  • This is our unique style of tanpura with natural finish
  • Includes genuine traditional with Deer horn bridge
  • Price includes the professional quality Flight Case (available in black or red – see pictures)
  • Extra string set included.
  • Size – 121 Cm tall approximately
  • The instrument can stand on its own
  • Possible Pitch Range – The Instrument can be tuned between G# to A#

This tanpura is left natural with natural colour, only the wood has been treated and polished. Lotus design is carved in the back of the base, but otherwise there is no decoration.

The same design is available in Male size -139 CM- pitch C to D# – (please see other listing in the shop)

‘Male’ and ‘female’ just refers size and pitch in relation to singers. Male and female singers generally sing low or higher respectively.

These instruments are bespoke – made to order

Any colour or design in any of the Tanpura listings in this shop can be accommodated to any size Tanpura (Small / Female / Male) as well as any special request for the amount decoration.

The price will be adjusted (less or more) for special requests

Please see sample video of one of our female Tanpuras: https://youtu.be/qr8gKqf8F

Your Tanpura will be made identical to this or you can request less or more decorations (art work) and price will be adjusted slightly after we have a chat.

You will need to allow up to 2 – 3 weeks for the making of this instrument and 2 – 3 weeks to arrive in the post to you (unless you are in India when it will take around one week).

For those inexperienced in these instruments we can offer help with video calls to show you how to tune it correctly, tuning is very simple and easy to do.

You will have access to full communication with me while it’s being made and will be given regular updates and pictures of your actual instrument at different stages of the creation process.

Your Tanpura will be made from scratch to the utmost highest standards of craftsmanship – guaranteed.

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Weight 10 kg


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